Through our own production, we get the products ready, and if necessary, also on a tight schedule. We are constantly developing customization methods, updating our equipment and looking for the best branding and printing materials for each product.

Textile printing, embroidery and UV printing is done from our own production.

The advantages of in-house production includes even better quality control and highly flexible production times.

We also do other printing and branding methods in cooperation with leading companies in the field, with whom we have a long-standing cooperation.


You will find the right products from us, whether your purpose is to get clothing for the staff, to communicate the brand at an event or to remember an employee / partner with a gift or gift card.


We offer online stores for internal company purchases, sports club products, fan products, brand products, and a gift card store to remember employees and partners or for event guests.

B2B online store

A ready-made, tailored and customized selection (e.g., branded: work clothes, textiles, office supplies, business gifts and handouts) accessible to you at any time, regardless of the location. The ready-made online store makes it easier to place rushed orders. The finished products are stored by us and delivered directly to the address of your choice. We take care of the inventory so that products are always available on short notice.

Advantages: cost efficient, fast orders, time and storage space savings.

B2C online store

Create a shop for sports clubs, fan products and brand products. Through the website, you can easily run your brand’s store, which is made accessible to everyone. We take care of the order receivement, storing of the products, branding and sending the products to your members, fans and customers.

Advantages: Bring your customers closer to your product, without worrying about the sales process or the delivery of the order.

Gift card shop

The Gift Card Shop Store’s selection is updated regularly and options from several product categories are selected for each price range. In addition to material gifts, non-material gifts are also available. You deliver the gift card to the gift recipient, and the gift recipient decides which gift to choose and where it will be sent. Gift cards can also be personalized to match the company’s brand.

Advantages: the recipient can choose the gift himself. You also reach gift recipients who are further away.

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If you wish, we store your products for fast delivery. We constantly take care of the inventory and order more products when the balance limits are exceeded.

The storage service is often combined with the online shopping service and they work great together.

Storage in Helsinki’s Hermann, where pickup is possible.