Our story

Our story began in the early 90’s, when the Fais Finland’s main products were valuable women’s clothing and accessories. As the years past, the business model was not successful and needed to be changed.

The former business owners decided to change the business focus in 2000. The change was successful, and we continue with the same business focus today.

Our focus is in corporate gifts, give away products and branded clothing. And at the heart of this is our own production with different printing and embroidery techniques.

We have a wide range of products from know brands to a lower price point products. We also value products made in Finland as well as ecological items.

Our business has grown a lot during the years. Our aim is to keep our services in-house as much as possible and which is why you can find our office, showroom, storage and production from the very same location in Hermanni, Helsinki.

Our high service level is one of the main reasons why many high-end companies and sport associations have chosen to be our loyal customers.

Fun facts

Fais Island is a home for about 100 inhabitants is a small  2,6 km² island in the Pacific Ocean (coordinates: 9°45′37″N 140°31′15″E). Fais means “do” in French.

Fais Finland is a 100% Finnish owned company, and our company has been granted the Key flag symbol by the Association for Finnish work.


Sustainability is not just a trendy word for us. Every day we strive to make an actual difference.

These are some of the actions we have done and continue to do in order to become an even better supplier to our customers:

  • We have increased the amount of products that are produced in a sustainable way and we mainly offer these to our customers
  • Our own in-house printers, textile print and embroidery services reduce the carbon footprint
  • We minimize the usage of packing material without lowering the quality and use items made from recycled paper and cardboard instead of plastic
  • We offer a good framework for work and career development to our employees