We are grateful for the cooperation with our partners and proud of the products we have been able to produce for them. Below are examples of partnerships and products that we have been able to produce over the years.


Suomen Palloliitto Ry was founded in 1907. Joined the International Football Association – FIFA – SPL in 1908 and the European Football Association – UEFA in 1954.

Starting from 2014 Fais Finland Oy has been responsible for printing all clothing used by the Finnish national football teams. In addition, Fais Finland is one of Suomen Palloliitto ry’s business gift and fan product suppliers.


Teknos is Europe’s leading manufacturer of industrial paints, with a strong position in trade and construction paints. Teknos has production in six countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and China.

Fais maintains an international online store for Teknos, which allows Teknos’ subsidiaries in different parts of Europe to enjoy the fruits of our cooperation.


Solita was founded in 1996, and employs over 1500 specialists in strategic consulting, service design, software development, analytics, cloud services and integration in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium and Germany. We grow responsibly and are committed to promoting diversity and equality, environmentally sustainable development and responsible business.

“Over the years, together with Fais, we have developed and worked on many brand products for our staff and events. We are very proud of our branded products, which our staff also likes to use. We always try to take into account that the product is responsibly produced and as ecological as possible.

We also founded an online store together, from which the staff can easily order our brand products for trade fairs and other events by themselves. The cooperation has flowed naturally, and we are constantly striving to develop new things together.”

Noora Puulasto
Facility & Workspace Manager


Continental Rengas Oy in Finland is part of the global Continental AG, which has more than 230,000 employees worldwide. We offer safe, efficient and intelligent solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. Continental develops pioneering products, technologies and services for the sustainable mobility of people and their goods.

 “We are satisfied with Fais‘ excellent service, wide selection and fast deliveries. Cooperation is seamless and flexible.”


For over forty-five years, Polar Electro has been at the forefront of wearable sports technology, helping athletes and coaches reach their peak. Polar developed the world’s first portable heart rate monitor and since then has offered even more versatile training solutions for elite athletes, coaches and active people. Polar’s products have remained trusted training partners for years thanks to their accuracy, reliability and excellent usability.

Fais has been producing high-quality brand products for our employees and cooperating athletes for several years.

The products are delivered very quickly, and the order quantities do not need to be in large batches to be a cost-effective solution.

Thanks to the extensive professional skills of the staff, it is easy to come up with ideas for new products, which has strengthened our customer relationship with Fais.”

Kalle Arponen

Visual Designer


Wolt is a mobile ordering and delivery service for food and consumer goods that was founded in Finland and has gained huge popularity worldwide. Through Wolt, the user can order tens of thousands of different dishes and products from countless restaurants and stores. The payment is made in advance, and you can pick up the order yourself or have it delivered to your home.

“With Fais, we have produced work clothes for our employees and couriers, from jackets to caps, supporting the brand’s stylish and youthful image. Today, the Wolt app works in dozens of countries. Through Fais, each location receives its work clothes quickly and easily from the same address. We have been really satisfied with the cooperation and results with Fais.”

Janne Majaniemi
Courier Operations Manager Finland


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