Pure Waste

Pure Waste is a Finnish company breaking new ground in textile recycling. We manufacture and sell yarns, fabrics and garments made from 100% recycled materials.

Our operations are based on collecting and recycling cutting waste from textile industry where it is generated, in India. The collected cutting waste is sorted, processed and manufactured into high-quality textile products. Pure Waste products are made of 100% recycled fibres, meaning no virgin material at all needs to be used in manufacturing. 

We founded Pure Waste in 2013, when we held the first batch of fabric made entirely from recycled fibres in our hands. We’d already tried to find fabric made from 100% recycled fibres in 2009, without success, so in 2010 we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the development work ourselves. Product development required time and committed partners, but in the autumn of 2013 we were finally at the stage of being able to set up a new company around the product. That’s how Pure Waste began.

From the very start, providing completely high-quality products made of recycled fibres has been our goal. We’re inspired by the deeply ingrained Nordic recycling culture.

J.Harvest & Frost

Our mission is to bring passion and aesthetics to your workday J.Harvest & Frost is built on the belief that aesthetics, quality design and precision craftsmanship play fundamental parts in our lives. In other words – we believe in order to thrive and find our passion while we work – we need to surround ourselves with things which inspire and encourage us.


Swedish brand Craft is a producer of functional sports apparel. Craft is known for pioneering technical sports apparel providing fantastic moisture management, sport specific ergonomics, nordic design and great comfort.

The trademark is very well known in all European countries and it is one of the leading brands in sport clothing category. Craft’s expertise in designing sport-specific garments for optimal function comes largely from a long and fruitful co-operation with elite sportsmen and women from all over the world. All garments are made exclusively of high-quality materials. Their stringent demands on function and comfort drive the continued development of Craft’s design, technology and quality. The brand is embraced by the world’s best athletes and various national teams in all categories.


Clique is a vast collection of high quality basic garments and accessories – probably Europe’s strongest promo concept – viable in a wide range of occasions and activities. Clique is distinguished by a large selection of colours and sizes for men, women and children.

Clique is our pride and the core of our business. Clique’s strength is the wide range assortment that contains an excellent array of good quality basic garments and accessories, but also new styles influenced by today’s trends. All garments are developed with the importance of being a good bearer of your brand’s message in mind. This includes choosing good quality that can handle different printing methods and being washed often. Clique BASIC –collection has been a great success around Europe. Wide range of sweaters and other textiles in very competitive quality and price –highly recommend to get known these items!

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